Forgotten But Not Gone

Barnes Amulet

Where it begins

Thoth is a short and stocky man dressed in leathers and wool of natural colors. The clothes are plain, but nice. Thoth himself is tanned, with longer hair, longer fingernails and a soul patch. He stands up from the head of the table as the party enters and greets them.

Once they are seated and wine has been poured (or whatever else the PC’s are drinking) he begins to explain why they have been asked here…

“A short while ago my employer lost his dear beloved father after a long and wasting sickness [the long and wasting sickness part is true – a magical shadow borne disease]. Being the only son of very great man within Avalon my employer inherited much wealth and responsibility from his father at his death. After a short time however it became apparent that my employer’s father had taken with him to his vault in the family mausoleum a very important object related to the family business. Family tradition forbids my employer or his associates (ie myself) from entering the hereditary burial grounds and recovering this item. Thus, this meeting with you.

My employer has authorized me to pay you the very generous fee of 1000gp to recover this item on his behalf. In addition, it is assumed that any other items you may “discover” while under contract with my employer are yours to keep. Think about it while we have dinner."



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