System Mods

The following are the modifications to the PF system and previous Avalon rules (DT Wiki) that are in play for this Avalon tale.

Starting HP
Previously we had front loaded Avalon characters with HP. This is no longer being done.

XP Track
We will follow the Fast Track for level advancement.

Spells – Removed and Pain
A number of spells, mostly plan shifting, teleporting or “big” healing or resurrection types are removed from the Avalon setting. I’m working on a complete list but at this point if you add a new spell to your character please check with me before you assume it’s allowed.

Pain of Casting
I have removed the Pain/Backlash rules for healing spells in Avalon. I’ve determined that it’s much easier to simply remove certain spells instead of trying to find a “creative” way to limit healing.

System Mods

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